Opened in the River Oaks area back in 1983 by owner Tracy Vaught, it started out as your average lunch burger-bar.

Over the years Vaught, and with help from Chef Hugo Ortega, have transformed this once “wall flower” of an eatery into one of Houston’s most popular spots.

First things first, When asked,”Where would you like to sit?” always ask to sit
outside weather permitting; the courtyard is the best of the four seating areas
day or night.

If you are ordering appetizers, bare in mind that most could be split among three people,
if you are a big mussel fan, you can never go wrong with their Steamed Mussels.

As soon as you take your first bite you instantly will start to appreciate the locally grown

The organic tomatoes and home made chorizo sausage come together at the bottom of the bowl with the mussel juice
that begs to be scooped up with the fresh grilled bread; to eat it any other way would be doing disservice to yourself.

In all honesty you could go and make a meal of just the appetizers, and you would not be disappointed.

For the main course I highly recommend the Crispy Pan Seared Duck Breast, it is a bit
pricey but once you have had it, you will see it was money well spent.

The duck skin is nice and crispy like bacon, and the meat cut’s like chicken but has a rich flavor of beef,
stealing a line from Parks and Recreation,”Its my #1 favorite food wrapped around my #2 favorite food”,(Ron Swanson,
Season 1).

The figs that accompany are roasted to fork tender perfection and give a really nice sweet contrast to the savory
duck breast.

Finally we come to the dessert, one of my favorite things is when a restaurant has seasonal menu items, for the
winter they have a Pumpkin Cheese Cake.

The dessert is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of pumpkin pie, the bit of the cinnamon spiced pumpkin with the
buttery creamy texture was a great finale to a great meal.

The main reason why I suggest this place is the fact that you can see the detail, love, and passion put into each

There are no “cop-out” dishes here, everything on each plate was put there for a reason, and this thought process
is what makes a menu great and what gives the diner the most out of the

A definite top ten of my favorite restaurants in Houston, with the décor,
ambiance, and fine cuisine makes Backstreet a prefect place for anyone
celebrating and anniversary, first date, or just feeling like treating themselfs.

1103 South Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77019-3609
(713) 521-2239


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