Fried Calamari

– One of my wife’s all-time favorites, and very simple to make –


1/4 lb squid tubes, de-boned and sliced

1/4 lb squid tentacles, beak removed

4 cups of corn starch

2 Tbls sea salt

2 Tbls  pepper

1 Tbls paprika

1 Tbls ground coriander

2 limes, quartered

Fresh parsley, Julienne (thinly sliced)

6 cups vegetable oil


1. Heat up the oil to 350 degrees.

2. Mix salt, pepper, paprika, coriander and cornstarch in a bowl

3. Pat the squid pieces with a dry paper towel to remove extra moisture, then in small batches (about a handful at a time) toss the squid in the cornstarch, transfer to a sifter to remove excess cornstarch, finally place on a baking pan lined with paper towels.

4. Begin to fry squid in small batches at a time until they begin to lightly brown, using a slotted spoon transfer squid to another paper towel lined pan to drain off extra oil.


5. Arrange squid on a platter with the wedges of lime around the edges and garnish with parsley and serve.

Additional notes:

– Be sure not to dump all the squid in at once, this could cause the cornstarch to become saturated with water.

– Frying in small batches is important because it helps prevent pieces frying together and burning.

– To help make the julenne-ing of the parsley easier, simply stack the leaves a slice them all toghether.

– For an added kick, include 1 Tbls of crushed red pepper to the cornstarch


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