“Paella 101”



1 bunch Italian parsley, julienne

1 Tbs saffron (or 1 packet of Goya powdered saffron)

2 Red Bell peppers, small dice

1 Green Bell pepper, small dice

2 medium White Onions, diced

3 Garlic cloves, minced

.25 lb squid tubes, .5” sliced

.25 lb squid tentacles, whole

10 large shrimp , head on

.5 lb mini shrimp

.6 lb black mussles

.6 lb clams

4 red snapper filets, large cubes

4 Goya chorizo sausages (two packets), pulverized

3 Mild Italian pork sausage, roasted then thinly sliced

45 oz fishstock or seafoodstock or lobsterstock, as needed

4 cups of par-boiled rice

Additional Notes:

– After hearing it on the video, I feel like I might have confused some people when it comes to the mussles: If they are open before cooking and refuse to close after tapping, then they are dead and should be discarded.

– If you are using a pan that doesn’t have a lid you can always used aluminium foil.

–  Depending on the pan that you use, you may need to buy more stock. When adding your stock to the rice, you add till the rice is covered.

– If the rice has not fully cooked and the stock is evaporated but you have some reserved, simply add some more to the rice and cover for another 5 min.

– This is my recipe for paella, other people may feel like paella should have chicken or beef. The truth is the recipe for Paella is dependent on the region in Spain and what is available at the time. (ex. the closer you are to the coast, the more likely you are to see more seafood, and the further away the dish will have more livestock)


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