Star Pizza #2

This is probably the shortest review I will ever do, but the other day I was driving down Washington avenue looking for a place to eat lunch when the Star Pizza sign caught my eye.

I had no idea that they had opened another location, and it really blew my mind when I realized there was another location about two blocks away from the one on Washington.

Just to get it out of the way, the pizza was awesome, the same award winning pizza we have all come to know and love is alive and well in the Heights of Houston.

Not too saucy or greasy, just right with the ratio of absorbent bread to flavorful sauce and toppings which should be the standard for pizza around the world.

Now while the food was impeccable and flawless, the restaurant it self was another story.

The first thing I see, as I walk towards the building, is a waitress chain smoking and arguing with her ex-boyfriend over the phone about how she doesn’t care how much he still thinks about her every night it is just over…great first impression.

once I got inside it looked like a gutted out restaurant with decorations from a Houston tourist shop and a sports bar that exploded all over the walls, it seems like they trying to capture the unique feel and style of the original location in Shepard Plaza.

This just comes off as trying to hard and faking this slightly off-beat funk that patrons of the original have come to know.

It was the most surreal feeling I have ever had from a restaurant and normally don’t dwell on such things like decore but this was like realizing how weird a dream was as you describe it.

I was eating a Star pizza that I ordered off a Star Pizza menu sitting in a building that said it was Star Pizza but it was clearly anything but.

The bottom line is this, places like Star Pizza are like any great “buddy-cop” or action movie, the studios make sequels to get more money, but at the end of the day did you really need to watch “Lethal Weapon 4”?


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