Steak: My anthem to an under appreciated luxury

There are tons of different things I can say that are my favorite food but a lot of the time it turns out to be a kind of puppy-love situation, something I can say in the heat of the moment but some time later when the fog has lifted and I look back I usually change my tune pretty quick.

Can I really eat sushi all the time? probably not.

Do I want nothing but pizza for all three meals? eh…

I would have to say that the only thing I will never get board with, use and abuse, is steak. It is something primal, biting into a juicy hunk of steak cooked to the perfect bloody medium rare that sends me into a shark like feeding frenzy; pupils dilated and rolling into the back of my head goodness. You know have found your favorite food when you can attribute all of your senses to eating it, The look of a Bone in Ribeye glistening with fat and yet having a thick crust from the right amount of course salt and pepper and the smell of the seared flesh from the perfect grill marks. AND THE SOUND!!!! It is something that all meat eaters know about but never really talk about, a crescendo of flesh being grind and cut by your teeth, like the “totems” in Inception, the sound lets you know this is real; it isn’t chicken or fish…but steak. There is no question in my mind, I could have a terrible day of endless failure but if I can come home to a sweaty rocks glass of Johnny Walker Black Label and a thick Porter House, that is a win in my book. Maybe I sound a bit dramatic to some, that’s okay, those who share my passion can agree that the “perfect steak experience” ranks up with all the other extreme moments of euphoria be it physical, emotional, religious or drug induced.

I weep for those who choose to deprive themselves of the pleasure like the vegetarians and vegans. I am reminded of passage from an article I read about a certain chef’s opinion on vegans, “there are thousands of cows being killed whether you like it or not, and you rather let them go to waste so you can feel better about yourself?”. When I went to Mexico for my grandfather’s funeral a few years back, I was lucky enough to go see an animal get butchered from life to death. I say lucky because it gave me a true perspective on what needs to be done to have that steak on the plate. I took no joy in watching the animal being destroyed but I felt much more appreciative of every meat I have had since. Some would think that eating meat is a form of senseless killing, when in actuality it is doing nothing with the animal afterwords aside from mounting it’s head on a wall that makes it senseless.

So I say again, I may sound a bit dramatic when I talk about how good steak can be, but I like to think of it as honoring the animal and treating it with respect by appreciating every last bite. While the act of picking up steaks at the grocery store may seem innocuous to some, when really it is a gift and luxury that should be praised accordingly.


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