Gadgets that No One will ever need……ever

Every once in a while, I find myself bored enough to go looking at kitchen gadget stores and see if there is anything worth buying, but more often than not I end up being baffled by the overwhelming stupidity of both the designer and consumer. WHO NEEDS THIS JUNK!!??!!


The first thing I want to address is the Kuhn Rikon company, while they may make a quality product the methodology behind the marketing is nothing short of insulting. They have two knives out that are exactly the same but they repackage them differently: The Pumpkin Knife and The Watermelon Knife. They are both serrated knifes, the only difference is one has Jack-o-lanterns cut out of the side of the blade and the other has watermelon seeds cut out of the side and both are about $25. It is mind-boggling to think that someone can ba convinced to buy two identical knives for two different purposes for occasions that will probably happen less than 4 times a year total.  


Moving on, there is standard of at least five cleaning implements that everyone should have in their home: paper towels, sponge, mop/mop bucket, broom/dustpan and steel wool. With these five, there shouldn’t be any mess that you cannot take care of unless you are slaughtering your own animals you should be fine. So when I see a tool that is called a Pan Scraper, I find myself taken aback. It is a pad with a nylon blade underneath and a handle sticking out the top the only thing that comes to mind is, “why?”. It shouldn’t be too difficult to grab the sponge or steel wool and clean a pan, save yourself the space the scraper would take up plus the $15 and change.

Another item I came across was the Egg Poacher Cup, I am going to say this once, “Get a slotted spoon!!”. There is NO reason for this gadget to exist, even if you have a medical condition that requires you to eat a poached egg every day, there is no logical purpose that explains why you would buy a $5 slotted lattle over a $1 slotted spoon.

Finally, quite possibly the most pointless of the pointless gadgets of all time, the Broom Cake Tester. It is a broom that you pull out the straws to dip in the cake to see if it is done. Why would anyone want a $14 mini  broom sitting on their counter top? I get that it is somehow meant to be festive but I cannot think of much conversation being brought up about the broom:

Guest: “Hey, what is that?”

You:” It is my Broom Cake Tester, I shove one of the straws into the cake to see if it is done”

Guest:”Why didn’t you just buy some long skewers at the dollar store?”

You:(shame sets in from realizing how stupid of an idea a Broom Cake Tester is and how you are probably one of the few people who actually bought one)


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